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The 10th Track from my album: A.M.D Dimensional Distortion

Track: Alius Mundus Deus

Arrival-Alius Mundus Deus
Jason and his crew never laid eyes on what happened next.
An enormous spaceship materialized out of space before the bomb hits the planet.
A bio mass transporter beam covers the planet Earth and transports all human life aboard.
Planet earth dies in a sea of light and the enormous spaceship close to the planets size leaves.
Only space debris is left of the once beautiful planet.

Inside the spaceship in a monumental room a being walks as he looks through different
windows where he watches all the different races he has picked up.
This being, this self proclaimed God named Alius Mundus Deus.
He created this entire universe and he is now harvesting his fruits from this garden of life.
The human race was saved, but is now his slaves. He has been watching the events unfold to his
design and he is now returning home to his dimension, the original universe.
By the flick of a switch all the stars in his self created universe darkens and dies.
All other life forms are extinguished by his hand as the universe is left in a darkness never to be seen again.
Alius Mundus Deus returns home leaving a dead universe behind.


I have been watching the pain of the end
How could you be such fools?
Hasty actions of judgment
We are all part of the same machine
The lament I feel for your feeble minds
But I admire your true feelings

From afar I have laughed and cried with all the races
No one looks at me when I speak
A lonely sovereign of the cosmos

Everything transpire to my design
The creator of this universe
A dimension for my seeds of life
Would you understand if you knew?
Breathing life into all things
My creations belong to me

From afar I have laughed and cried with all the races
No one looks at me when I speak
A lonely sovereign of the cosmos

Alius Mundus Deus
Alius Mundus Deus
Alius Mundus Deus

At the moment of destruction I am here
The bio mass transporter saves the human race
But in return... ... you are all my slaves

Returning home
The end has finally come
Warp field standing by
Leaving dead universe
The stars turned off
My dimension await

I'm going home
Returning home
Returning home


from A​.​M​.​D Dimensional Distortion, released April 10, 2010
All music, vocals and arrangements by Frank Johansen



all rights reserved


Frank Johansen Norway

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